Posted on April 1, 2012




While the constitutionality of certain  aspects of Obamacare are being debated in the United States Supreme Court, insurance companies already are declaring their intention to reject applicants with “preexisting conditions” if the individual mandate provision is removed.

But, there is an answer to affordable health care for everyone.

Merely dropping the eligibility age for Medicare would protect the most vulnerable Americans from discrimination due to health history or preexisting conditions, while eliminating the complexity of the present legislation. Yes, this is single payer health insurance, and that is what it will come down to in the future as health care costs skyrocket. Of course, we all pay into Medicare. If you don’t like Medicare, you can buy your own health insurance.

In any event, the objective of health-care reform should remain the affordable access of health care for Americans, not preserving the profits of insurance firms.

And, by the way Americans pay considerably more for health care than people in other industrial nations.

Anyone who has health insurance should support the individual mandate in Obamacare. Why? Hospitals are required to provide emergency care to anyone who shows up at the emergency room. Those who have no insurance, and there are over 42 million of them, and those who cannot pay get care free.

The cost for that care is passed to you, the responsible, insured one, and your insurance company via higher costs for medical care.

Everyone should take responsibility for their health care. A mandate will ensure that everyone does.

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