Posted on April 16, 2012



Political consultant Hilary Rosen is getting a bad rap for what she said. She was merely trying to show how out of touch Mrs. Romney was with the challenges that the average working class family face on a daily basis.

It is just like when Mitt Romney was out of touch wanting to wager ($10,000) big money that was to him the equivalent to five cents.

Rosen was trying to point out that Mrs. Romney had no idea what it is like to worry about how to plan for day care, provide for school lunches, etc. and staying within a budget. She never earned a paycheck or had to be restricted on what she bought.

Her credentials as a housewife with the skills of a nanny, a bookkeeper, a barber, cook, housekeeper, chauffeur, etc. does not cut it if that is all you have on your resume.

Motherhood is voluntary, and to stay home is a “choice” and a privilege for the wealthy, who can do it in a comfortable manner.

This stay at home and raising children is a “choice” most American mothers don’t have.

The Romney problem is not their wealth and privilege, but their inability to see beyond that world.

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