Posted on July 31, 2012



For those who rely on Fox News for their information, here’s something to think about. Canada won’t allow Fox to broadcast in their country because they don’t tell the truth.

Canada’s Radio Act requires that ” licenses may not broadcast…any false or misleading news.” The provision has kept Fox News and right-wing talk radio out of Canada and helped make Canada a model for liberal democracy and freedom.

As a result of that law, Canadians enjoy high quality news coverage, including the kind of foreign affairs and investigative journalism that flourished in this country before Ronald Reagan abolished the “Fairness Doctrine” in 1987. Political dialogue in Canada is marked by civility, modesty, honesty, idealism  and non-partisan news that has pretty much disappeared on the U.S. airwaves. This true journalism should replace the toxic, overly partisan, biased and dishonest news coverage.

The United States could take a lesson from Canada because we need to clean up our airwaves for the good of all of us.


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