Posted on August 24, 2012



The Beatles had their first single, “Love Me Do.” Brazil became world soccer champions. “The Longest Day”, a black and white movie with John Wayne, ran in theaters and the world mourned the death of Marilyn Monroe.

Yet the biggest star in Germany was a politician who made his famous speech.

Charles de Gaulle traveled from Stuttgart airport in an open car to Ludwigsburg that September 9, 1962 day as over 500,000 people lined the streets. There was something special in the air.

At Ludwigsburg castle, the rush was so fierce that the gates were opened as people poured in by the thousands into the courtyard. The crowd was not disappointed.

The French president gave a speech that went up in history and the result plays out here in America today because it was a milestone of German-French reconciliation and European unification into what is known as the European Union.

“You should seek progress for the common good, so that it contributes to the promotion of beauty, of the righteous and of the good,” the French president said.
He appealed to the German youth to take up the banner of reconciliation.

Maybe the American people and politicians need to heed de Gaulle’s words for reconciliation in order to move this great democracy forward.

A celebration will be held at the Ludwigsburg castle to honor the great French leader and his speech on September 9, 2012. Present will be Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande.


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