Posted on September 10, 2012



As I listen to the diatribes on the political front, a few questions arise that do not find answers in the stream of words. These questions are for congresspersons mostly.

If the current federal deficit is President Obama’s fault, how did he spend that much money immediately after taking office and without the approval of Congress?

Why would any congressperson or senator sign a pledge presented by Grover Norquist, a paid lobbyist who has not been elected to represent anyone, anywhere in the U.S.? Why would any elected official sign a pledge to anyone other than his or her constituents? About 89 congresspersons signed with Norquist.

If tax cuts for the wealthy are the answer to job creation, and the Bush tax cuts have been in place now for over eight years, then where are the jobs?

Having read the Constitution, I wonder how the president can be faulted for not passing new laws when the president cannot write or introduce laws, only veto? I do not recall the current president vetoing a list of laws.

If there have been no laws passed, isn’t that the fault of the House and the Senate?



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