Posted on October 7, 2012



As one who took a look at Gov. Mitt Romney’s record in Massachusetts, I am bewildered to find how little people know about his failings.

Unlike his predecessors in Massachusetts, Bill Weld and Paul Cellucci, popular Republican governors in the 1990s, Romney had a 65 percent disapproval rating near the end of his term.

When he announced his departure after one term, the expression was, “Watch the swinging door on your way out.”

Devoid of conviction and character, Romney is a super car salesman, greedy and arrogant.

For example, the Romney campaign will have a fundraiser in Hong Kong. This is the same Romney who blasted the airwaves stating that President Obama is not tough on China, and how he would be tough on the Chinese cheaters if elected. How tough can you be on China when you accept their political money.

Romney is trying to fool people the way he did when he ran for governor in Massachusetts.

It will be a travesty of common sense to elect this man our president.

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