Posted on October 14, 2012



America has a choice this November, but what we all must ask is: “Do you love your country? Do you love this land, the beautiful land, the wonderful and free people, the oceans, the lakes, the towering buildings, and overall, that flag that waves over our cities.

That flag represents our nation, the United States of America, all 50 states, a place of freedom, prosperity, giving and a free society.

We are Americans, we are unlike any other people on the planet, and we should stand tall and proud, arm and arm with our allies and more so with each other.

No matter your opinions on the upcoming elections, I can only urge you to look at our high-flying flag, place your hand on your heart, and thank God for making you a born or naturalized American.

You must ask yourself November 6: “Do I want the best candidates to govern our county, state and nation? Have I studies the qualifications of the candidates, and do I know the issues upon which I will vote for or against?”

Take this into consideration when you mark your candidates of choice in November.

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