Posted on October 30, 2012



The latest Republican outrage over abortion is not only about rape and what God Wants or doesn’t want.

It is not only about a women’s right to choose.

Nor is it only about what might offend the elusive “female voter.”

The latest flap about abortion is really about tolerance and the big question: exactly what kind of public servants do we want?

Do we want absolutist, politicians so extreme in their views that they find it virtually impossible to compromise in any realm? Some Democrats, it’s important to add, suffer from this affliction as well.

Or do we want politicians who are willing to consider the value of a foe’s point of view, public servants who refuse to let ideology drive every decision?

After November 6 we will find out of we have elected public servants who will work together for the good of the people. But, it is up to us to vote for those kind of politicians.

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