Posted on November 12, 2012



As a Democrat, I don’t wish the GOP too much success, as if they don’t have enough in the Missouri General Assembly.

However, Republicans need to offer workable, sane solutions to the nation’s challenges.

After alienating blacks, Hispanics, women and whites who were disgusted by voter suppression this past election cycle, maybe a way for the Republican Party to start to make amends would be for them to work with Democrats on immigration reform.

Mitt Romney lost the election, in large measure, on the issue of illegal immigration. Latinos turned out in record numbers to say, “no” to his “self-deportation” framework.

It is time to recognize that the undocumented persons of this country are here due to our failures and their grit. For far too long legislators at every level of government pandered to the business interests that required both cheap labor and porous borders. The consequence was that brave souls left their homes for a better land.

It is time to stop punishing the so-called illegal immigrants for our political and policy errors. They need to be respected for heir gumption, their willingness to work within our system, and their time here.

We must move forward with a compassionate intelligent answer to the issue of undocumented persons. We need to offer them a path to citizenship and then develop an immigration policy for counties to our south. If it is a wise policy, enforcement will be universal and beneficial to all.


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