Posted on November 24, 2012



If you’re a longtime gourmet of Hostess Twinkies, fear not. Twinkies shall return.

Although the company, Hostess Brands Inc. is going out of business, as long as there remains consumer demand for the Twinkie, it or a reasonable facsimile there of will live on in the future. As the company makes its marketable assets available , the  92-year-old Twinkie brand and recipe will be bought by some other baker.

But when Twinkie comes back it will be attacked by the health-food police as being a unhealthy “junk food.” But most of us know it is a delicious treat to eat.

Some people have been storing boxes of Twinkies and put them up for sale for as high a $500. However, wait and buy  and eat Twinkies manufactured by another baker soon.

Hostess had been in financial difficulty for sometime. The company filed for bankruptcy in 2004 and again in 2009. In January 2012 it filed for bankruptcy again. The company came to an impasse with the baker’s labor union, and so the demise of Hostess Brands Inc.

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