Posted on November 29, 2012



I noticed in “The St. Louis Post-Dispatch” that Missouri will only have to pay the bargain price of $332.9 million over six years for its share of expanding Medicaid rolls under the Affordable Health Care Act. The federal government would pay $8.2 billion.

Analysts are just short of ecstatic that the federal government will pay 100 percent of the added price for three years, and then costs will be shifted so Missouri pays 10 percent of the added cost. Get ready for the heavy lifting then. It is estimated the state would pay $100 million more each year afterwards.

Missouri would need to find a way to raise taxes or continue cutting the budget which is already cut to the bone.

However, we must realize that the beneficent government cannot give anything to anyone that it first hasn’t taken away in taxes. The feds don’t have their own money because it’s all ours, sent to Washington and passed back (after sufficient laundering) to make us feel good (again).

And Missourians should feel good because we get back 129 percent of every tax dollar we send to Washington.

One person said, “We are already paying for uninsured people and doing it through a backdoor at the hospital and by increase in health insurance premiums.

I would rather have this expense paid upfront through taxes.”

Right on, one way or the other we pay for the uninsured.

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