Posted on January 6, 2013



Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently was reported to have contracted flue and, probably as a result of general weakness, had fallen, sustaining a concussion. Three high-profile right wing figures immediately reached for the tea party conspiracy bucket.

All three made statements that were nothing more than sarcastic, thinly veiled accusations that the secretary was feigning illness to avoid giving congressional testimony on the Benghazi tragedy.

George W. Bush’s UN ambassador John Bolton, told Fox News that she came down with “diplomatic illness.”

Defeated Republican U.S. representative Allen West of Florida said her problem was a case of “Benghazi flu.”

Conservative columnist, Fox News analyst and medical doctor Charles Krauthammer made the long-distance diagnosis of “acute Benghazi allergy.”

Secretary Clinton, as a result of her fall, is still battling an inner cranial blood clot. Mrs Clinton has been working at home and says she will return to Washington D.C. next week. She is a hardworking public servant.

I’m wondering when can we expect a public apology from these three “gentlemen” who should have known better and stated the truth and facts.

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