Posted on February 24, 2013



The one-time beer commercial featuring “tastes great” vs. “less filling” confrontation has evolved into political “stimulus” vs. “austerity” cries to address the struggling U.S. economy. And austerity is winning out March 1 if the Republicans have their way.

But what does the American public really want? Reliable polls consistently show that Americans want no reduction in the government programs that directly affect them. Cut only the other stuff.

After all, are not these same folks whose overindulgence was a major factor for causing the Great Recession? Like the “not me” kids in the Family Circus, Americans will embrace austerity only as long as it has a “not in my back yard” label attached.

March First we’ll find out if Congress pushes the fiscal cliff down the road again or they let the ax fall on government programs.

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