Posted on March 23, 2013



First, the symbolism of President Obama’s visit to Israel is enormous in a part of the world where symbolism is very important.

The Obama trip let the Arab and Muslim world see that the United States and Israel are solidly together as they lead the fight against militant Islam.

The stronger the U.S. and Israel ties appear the less likely their enemies will want to start a fight. This is vital if Iran is going to change course and may serve to encourage those in the Arab world who are fighting for a democratic government to see that the United States strongly supports a democratic regime.

President Obama did not talk about Israel to stop settlement building as requested by the Palestinians. Hamas fired two rockets into Israel which Obama was in Israel.

Second, it is not up to Israel to make peace with the Palestinians. Which Palestinians is Israel to talk with, Hamas or Fatah? Does Israel have any legitimate leader to talk to?

Mahmond Abbas’ term of office has long since ran out. It would also be nice to hear some pro-peace statements from the Palestinians to give one hope that they are interested in peace with Israel.

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