Posted on April 7, 2013



Linda Gorman of the Independence Institute states, among other things, that Europe and Canada single-payer health care systems “eliminate treatment and physician choices.” This is one of the most widespread examples of misinformation in the health care debate and is just not true.

It is the private insurance system in the United States that eliminates physician choice by locking patients into networks.

My wife grew up in Germany, and I have received health care in Germany.

Germans can go to any doctor however often they want. I have never ever heard of family or friends who were denied care.

Doctors make house calls, and they visit patients in nursing homes on a regular basis.

In fact, after World War II, the United States set up the German health care system. Germans even have the choice to buy private health care insurance, but about 95 percent do not buy private health care insurance.

It is one thing to be against the single-payer system,  but it is another thing to misinform the public with wrong statements.

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