Posted on April 24, 2013



Aside from being annoying, the recommendation of top Boy Scouts of America officials to allow gay boys to become members fulfills the basic mission for all boys.

The basic mission of the Boy Scouts is to help young boys become upstanding adult men. Gay boys were Boy Scouts when I was a member in the 1940s. Gays did not admit or openly say they were gay. We knew who the gay Scouts were, and we left them alone, and they left us alone. We treated each other as Scouts living by the Boy Scout Oath.

By continuing to bar gay men from being Boy Scout leaders is completely logical.

When I was a Boy Scout, our Scoutmaster molested two brothers  in our troop. After these Scouts informed their mother, the Scoutmaster was removed and left town. The damage done to these friends of mine existed all their lives. In those days counseling was not available to help victims to see that it was not their fought that they were attacked and molested.

It is important for Scout leaders and Scouts to live by the Boy Scout Oath by keeping themselves “physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.”

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