Posted on October 28, 2013



One factor contributing to POLARIZING POLITICS in Washington is the widespread partisan GERRYMANDERING of America’s voting districts.

Many people, on both sides of the aisle, think one way top break the stalemate is to find a solution to GERRYMANDERING, the drawing of voting district boundaries that heavily favor one party and keeps incumbents safe.

Redistricting to create more representative voting areas and greater competition among candidates is a noble goal. Voters should choose their lawmakers, instead of lawmakers choosing their voters in order to stay in office.

Done right, redistricting reform can help produce a Congress that will be more responsive to voters.

But the road to that goal is long and requires persistence on the part of interested voters and lawmakers. It may require a constitutional amendment to the state constitution.

No state has found a perfect solution to GERRYMANDERING. But reform efforts in several states and cities point to an answer: independent redistricting commissions that rely on public input for drawing redistricting maps.

To continue to have the political party in power to draw up district boundaries assures that that party stays in power, and this GERRYMANDERING does not serve the best interest of the people.

Let’s join together to stop GERRYMANDERING and see that the Missouri state constitution is changed to have a redistricting commission to draw up district maps.

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