Posted on November 3, 2013



There are those out there who delight in attacking Hillary Clinton, and that is O.K. because it keeps her in the public limelight.

I saw the little photo on Drudge where Hillary wears a witch’s hat. That was a clever idea. However, the headline suggested that someone was upset because she earned close to $500,000 for two speeches for Goldman Sachs.

By the way, that is more than Bill earns for a speech.

There was no outrage when Sarah Palin was paid $100,000 per speech. Ronald Reagan was paid $2 million for two 20-minute speeches.

What is wrong is witchifying this woman. Or for that matter, the attack or put down of any woman. Such attacks are not reasonable. In regard to Hillary, I detect a scent of envy because she is a very smart woman.

At the moment the GOP holds the distinction of being the first political party in polling history to have a negative rating over 50 percent.

Apparently the GOP cannot win with the strength of their reasoning, so maybe a Republican Party reformation is in order?


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