Posted on November 19, 2013



We hear the bad news about the Affordable Health Care Act, but some states are making health insurance exchanges work.

For example, Mindy Mansfield had health insurance when she worked at a factory in central Washington state. It covered the pills she took for her Type 2 diabetes and the ones she needed to ease her arthritis.

Mansfield was laid off and lost her medical coverage. She moved in with her older sister. For two years she worried about whether she could stay healthy because she stopped her arthritis medication.

But all this worry was erased in just 20 minutes last Saturday, the time it took the 62-year-old to navigate Washington’s online insurance exchange with a little help from “in-person assister” Pearl Rodriguez.

Mansfield was told she qualified for Washington  Apple Health, referring to the state’s expanded Medicaid program at no cost. That’s it and it was easy.

There are 30 Republican controlled states that opted out of setting up their own health insurance exchanges. This has made it more difficult to set up a federal health insurance exchange to take care of the needs of millions of people.

Missouri Republican legislators in Jefferson City elected to opt out of the state run insurance exchange and the federal expanded medicaid program.

Many Missourians are suffering because of these decisions in Jefferson City. I ask why?




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