Private Contractors Wrong Government Approach

Posted on December 10, 2013


In the zeal to privatize all things run in government in recent years from federal level to town hall, “contractors” have been hired to to the work.

Government employees, again from the local to the highest level, have been demonized to the point that their use is almost non-existent.

But if you look at the massive problems the country is encountering from the Iraq War to the Affordable Care Act to Edward Snowden, private contractors keep popping up.

As the Iraq War proved, the “contractors” ripped off millions of dollars while performing their contracted services.

Maybe it is time to examine this obsessive need, fostered by our “capitalist conservative” friends, to run the country as a business.

Governments are not the problem, it seems to me.

Congress should look very hard at their giving the country over to private sector contractors.

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