Posted on December 19, 2013


What is this world coming to when last week there was news that according to scientists vitamin tablets are worthless and farting cows are killing the planet.

Cattle are the biggest source of greenhouse gases, accounting for more than three-quarters of all emissions from blobal livestock, a survey shows.

The assessment, described as the most detailed of its kind, identified Europe and the Americas as the world’s epicenters of beef production.

Annually, the world produces 586 tons of milk, 124 tons of poultry and 59,000 tons of beef. This finding appears in the proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences.

Concerns have been raised over the rapid rise in global beef and meat consumption. The UN says the “unprecedented” growth in demand for beef has been driven by a number of factors, such as population growth, urbanization and rising incomes.

This growth in beef production presents a growing emissions problem and more greenhouse gases.

So maybe it is not just stop using tobacco and vitamins, now we must stop eating meat.

I am going to keep on eating steak and taking vitamins. The next thing they will say is that vitamins and beef are good for you.


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