Mandela Taught Courage

Posted on December 28, 2013


With the death of Nelson Mandela, many of us reflected not only upon his extraordinary achievement Mandela made in his fight to create a free South Africa, but we pause to consider how his legacy has touched our personal lives.

For me Mandela’s legacy is about courage. His inspirational message teaches us to fight for social justice when we see inequalities, and to take a stand, however small, to affect others’ lives in a positive way, especially those who need protection.

There are many in society who need protecting. From children who fall through the cracks in the child welfare system, to parents who are unfairly denied the right to spend time with their children.

Courage can take many forms, but usually entails risk and selfless dedication to the greater good. Mandela’s legacy teaches us to take that risk.

With Mandela’s passing, I hope we never forget the need to find courage in the face of society’s failures to help those who need it most.

Mandela showed how one man can change the course of a nation.

We can honor his memory by taking the steps to uphold social justice and protect our society’s most vulnerable populations.

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