Syrians Demonstrate in Germany

Posted on January 30, 2014


Sunday I was reading The Heilbronn Stimme about Baden-Würtemberg permitting a small number of Syrian refugees to enter the German state, and how these asylum seekers are causing trouble.

Up to this time I had compassion for the asylum seekers.

There are 90 Syrian refugees assigned to Heilbronn. They have rent free apartments and food vouchers. Churches have provided clothing, and they have job opportunities. Heilbronn has a 2.5 percent unemployment rate.

During the past week the Syrians held a protest march against the vouchers as they want euros instead. Also, they held a meeting criticizing Heilbronn city and state government. According to them there are too many regulations and police surveillance. They feel like they are mistreated.

Furthermore, they want their own remembrance days placed on the city calendar.

I remember when we let Russian Chechen militants come into our country, and the Boston Marathon bombing took place.

Germany will move malcontents out of the country. Also, Germany does not want to become a Muslin state.

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