Walk Softly with Ukraine

Posted on March 13, 2014


Russia upper house is about to move on a measure that would allow it to seize the property and assets of European and US companies in the event of sanctions against Russia because of the Ukrainian crisis.

If the Ukrainian crisis escalates, Russia plans to seize Exxon Mobile’s gas fields, Volkswagen, General Motors and Renault’s factories, BP, Statoil oil facilities and equipment to name a few.

European nations are dependent on Russian natural gas, and the pipelines run through the Ukraine. For example, 38 percent of German heating fuel in natural gas from Russia. Other European nations require a similar amount of Russian natural gas for heatin.

Even though foreign investment has grown to a point it is vital to the Russian economy. President Vladimir Putin is not afraid of taking this action in the event of sanctions against Russia.

President Obama wants others nations to participate in any action to be taken against Russia because of the takeover of the Crimea that is part of the sovereign nation of the Ukraine.

European Union leaders and President Obama need to “walk softly and carry a big stick.”


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