Posted on March 25, 2014


If Mexico invaded Texas and annexed it, as it was once part of Mexico, would Washington just moan and groan or would it send in military forces.

Yet, we have heard no demands from Washington that Ukraine defend its own territory and send whatever military forces its has to Crimea without reservation. Why should anyone care to the extent indicated by the war hawks in Congress if the Ukrainians do nothing. It is their country, and if they don’t think its important enough to risk Ukrainian lives, then our response to send military weapons and possibly troops is off base.

Of course, Russia’s actions are outrageous and a violation of international law. But it’s even more outrageous that Ukraine will risk nothing to defend its sovereignty.

If the result of the incursion in Crimea was actual a military aggressor it would be indefensible in the eyes of the world.

Actual combat against a weak defender is the last thing Russia wants.

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