History Repeats in Ukraine

Posted on April 15, 2014


First and foremost history is repeating itself in the Russia taking over of Crimea. The world permitted Hitler to take over the free city of Danzig in Poland and Czechoslovakia because there were many German speaking people living in those countries.

On March 16 there was no free “referendum” in Crimea. This “referendum” was a cover for overt military aggression against Ukraine because Russian speaking people live in the Crimea.This land has always been part of the Ukraine.

Ukraine is making an appeal in the International Criminal Court in The Hague in regard to the Russian takeover of the Crimea. On March 21, Ukraine signed an agreement with the European Union to become a member and join the West.

Because of Russian action against Ukraine, it has transformed its World War II role as liberator to an invader.

Fortunately the Ukraine Army is moving into the Eastern part of that nation to stop terrorists in their takeover of government buildings. A Russian Army is on the Ukraine border leading support to these armed terrorists who want Russia to grab more Ukraine land.

Russia is in poor economic condition, and because of its military action in the Crimea, the West is tightening economic sanctions on Russia.

I feel sorry for the people of Russia. They are being led into a totalitarian abyss of economic and spiritual collapse, that goes hand-in-hand with poverty and devastation.



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