Republican Voter Disconnect

Posted on June 12, 2014


My mind is reeling when I read or hear congressional Republican candidates and officeholders say we “couldn’t fathom” the nation’s deficit. It is stunning because the voters of that party actually voted for the candidates and policies that produced the explosion of the deficit.

The voters embraced the voodo economics of Ronald Reagan? Check. And today even in Jefferson City we see voodo economics promoted.

They re-elected a president and congressional representatives who gave tax breaks to the rich instead of paying off the deficit, and put two massively expensive wars and a Medicare expansion on the nation’s charge card? Check.

They sang the virtues of deregulation until we deregulated ourselves right into the Great Recession, which forced more deficit spending? Check.

It is sad that we have not spent the money necessary to take care of the medical needs of our returning veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan not to mention seeing that the VA facilities are well regulated. The VA problem goes back past the George W. Bush administration.

The d”disconnect” here seems to be in the minds and voting habits of the people who supported those presidents and congressmen, but now they are against voodo economics, tax breaks for the rich, expensive wars that cost lives and add to the national debt and these voters want to change their minds and oppose any expenditures that increase the deficit. But, they are still in love with deregulation.

And as long as there is grid lock in Congress, we will not resolve the problems facing this great nation.

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