Protestors Disrespect Police

Posted on January 4, 2015


You can bet that many law enforcement officers had a “blue” Christmas. The air is heavy with the haunting sound of bagpipes as police officers pay respects to the senseless killing of fallen brothers.

The thousands of men and women who do the thankless job of protecting us are like family. And I am, like them, filled with a combustible mixture of anxiety and anger over the rash of killing police.

And the protest of law enforcement goes on and on even while the fallen police officers are being buried.

What in the world is happening?

Protesting excessive force by police officers is not like protesting for equal pay, or trade embargoes, or immigration reform. And lumping free speech with unlawful stealing, arson and attack on police officers with bottles of urine and nasty language and  bullets is wrong.

These actions must stop and those performing such acts must be prosecuted.

When someone kills police officers, they are a threat to the social order. Back in frontier days when lawmen had names like Wyatt Earp and Wild Bill Hickok, killing a sheriff or marshal would get someone a quick hanging. Murdering lawmen was tantamount to anarchy. After all, if you killed enough of them, you could take over a town.

To this day, in what is supposed to be a deterrent, killing a law enforcement officer is a “special circumstance” crime that will usually get an assailant the death penalty.

We need to bring these protests of law enforcement to an end.

Enough is enough.


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