“Sea of Misery”

Posted on May 10, 2015


Some years ago, a man who migrated to Germany from the Third World told me that he had to learn how to use electricity, how to use a modern toilet, how to read, write and speak German and how to find a Mosque to worship.

Today, there are people crossing what is called “a sea of misery.” Thousands of refugees are fleeing war and poverty of the Middle East and Africa. They are not only trying to cross the Mediterranean itself, but also this sea of humanity often must cross the desert, then water, only to wash up unwanted on the shorelines of southern Europe.

In Germany over 600,000 refugees have been admitted into that country, and many thousands of Germans are demonstrating against them. Even a Mosque in Stuttgart was shut down  because of radical Muslims. There is a state church tax for upkeep and building churches, so the state can shut down religious buildings. An apartment house for refugees was set afire one evening.

In past years, Germany has taken in refugees from East Germany, Bosnia and Croatia.

Human traffickers line their pockets with huge payments to haul refugees across the sea in ships not fit to sail. This month about 1,000 drown in the sea. There is a million more refugees waiting to come across the sea to Europe.

The European nations have taken in several hundred thousand refugees over the past years. Last year America took in 170,000 refugees.

Christian morals are such that we cannot let them die, but because of economics the European nations cannot let them to continue coming to Europe.

What is about to happen is Poor Africa, Poor Middle East and Poor Europe.

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