Continue Obama’s Dreamers Action

Posted on June 1, 2015


An appeals court in New Orleans retained a lower court hold on President Obama’s executive actions on immigration.

Conservative hostility to undocumented immigrants is understandable for a host of reasons, not the least that such immigrants broke the law in crossing the border. But hostility to the subset of immigrants known as “Dreamers,” who were brought to the U.S. as children, is simply spite dressed in principle.

Loretta Praedli, 26, has a green card now, but she fits the basic profile of a Dreamer. She arrived in the United States from Peru at age 10 as an undocumented immigrant, mastered English, graduated with honors from college, worked as an advocate for Dreamers and was hired as Hillary Clinton’s Latino Outreach director.

The Clinton connection aside, conservatives should love Praedli’s American journey. First, she didn’t break any immigration laws, unless we are holding 10-year-olds accountable for obeying their parents. Second, she not only worked very hard and overcame challenges to succeed, she did so within the system.

To some this might be a small thing.

But, look at immigration in Europe. Europe is grappling with a catastrophic challenge posed by 100s of thousands of alienated immigrants pouring into the countries from the Middle East and Africa. These people are sufficiently large enough to be separatist and volatile wherever they live in Europe.

Dreamers, by contrast, are assimilating into our society, seeking to join American institutions such as the military, universities, corporations and even mainstream political campaigns.

Why should they not have a path to citizenship?

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