Russia Near Collapse

Posted on August 27, 2015


Russia’s economy is about to collapse because of President  Vadmir Putin’s land grabbing moves against Georgia and Ukraine in an effort to restore the old Soviet Union.

In a recent move against Georgia after taking two Georgian states, the Russians moved the borders in order to take more land.

But taking the Crimea from Ukraine and moving troops into eastern Ukraine to support pro-rebel separaist in Donetsk and Lugansk is more serious. Russia has bout 40,000 troops on the Eastern Ukraine  border.

The pro-rebels plan to hold disputed elections in the separatist east this fall. Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko says NATO will take steps against Russia should such elections are held. Poroshenko met with German and French presidents prior to making this statement. Poroshenbko has said that Ukraine will take back Crimea.

The response to Russia’s actions has been sanctions that has contributed to the economic slump and sinking the Ruble to an all time low. Dropping oil prices has hurt Russia also.

NATO has responded by beefing up its military, forming rapid response teams in member nations. The U.S. Army 173 Airborne is training the Ukraine National Guard. England has troops training Ukraine soldiers. Germany has soldiers helping train the Ukraine military. About 40,000 Ukraine soldiers with modern weapons and tactics are ready to go to wr.

Valdimir Frolov, former director of the Russian National Laboratory for foreign policy, said, “With President Vadimir Putin engrossing in matters of history, religion, geopolitics and war, a sense of strategic drift is unnerving the nation’s elite…

“In his public statements Putin sounds more interest in glorifying Russia’s past than in charting a course for the nation’s futue.

“He is largely indifferent to his 012 campaign pledges, which now require a major revision in vastly changed circumstances. If the policy goals he was elected to implement are no longer relevant, and new objectives are not being formulated, it creates a crisis of political legitimacy…

“The strategic drift is debilitating. A sense of strategic purpose and direction needs to be restored soon.”

My thought is that America, as a member of NATO, could be drawn into a war with Russia or Russia will crumble.

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