Attacks On Confederate Symbols Must Stop

Posted on October 19, 2015


The battle over the Confederate battle flag in the South has turned into a rout. South Carolina removed it from the Capitol grounds. Congress banned its display in federal cemeteries. The Republican speaker of the Mississippi House has proposed deleting the emblem from his state’s flag.

However, the battle flag will continue to fly on private property and on the back of pickup trucks.

But the removal of the flag may be the easiest of the decisions about Rebel symbols. Underway is the proposed removal of Confederate monuments in former slave states, and this will take a lot longer for politicians to resolve. Some propose removing or destroying the monuments or storing them in museums.

Some critics have taken matters into their own hands, spray-painting “Shame” or “Black lives matter” on statues of Confederate generals and monuments.

Others warn that once that process begins, their is no logical place to stop.

George Washington and Thomas Jefferson owned slaves. Should their monuments be razed? Should the nation’s capital be renamed?

At the University of Missouri in Columbia, Thomas Jefferson’s bust has been marked with stickers wanting it removed and “Black lives matter.”

In St. Louis a Confederate monument was spray painted and requests were made for the city to remove it. Some people want to rename Confederate Avenue in Forest Park, St. Louis.

All this political correctness and attempt to destroy or rewrite history must stop. It is not too late to do the right thing and leave the memorials and monuments and statues stand as they have for over 100 years.

And this attack on George Washington and Thomas Jefferson must be regarded just what it is, foolishness.

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