Trump Like Lenin

Posted on January 17, 2016


It’s never Donald Trump’s aim, in a dispute, to win his opponent over to his own views. He doesn’t even truly address his opponent.

The people for whom his words are intended are the witnesses to the dispute.

Trump’s aim is always to ridicule his opponent, to compromise him in the eyes of witnesses.

Trump’s concern in an argument is not with truth but with victory. He needs, at all costs, to be victorious, and he is happy to employ any rhetorical means. He is equally ready to trip his opponent from behind, to give him a metaphorical slap in the face or to daze him with a metaphorical blow to the head.

I didn’t write these words. They were written about V. I. Lenin by World War II reporter and novelist Vasily Grossman in his novel “Everything Floris.” I changed the past tense to the present and Lenin to Trump.

Irrespective of time and place, how eerily similar they are.

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