Republican Attack of Hillary Continues

Posted on April 10, 2016


Bill and Hillary Clinton have endured continue Republican attack ever since they entered politics.

Today Hillary is running for president of the United States, and Hillary-bashing is a good clean political sport. It doesn’t bother Hillary when some Republicans say she has a lot of baggage, but who loaded the suitcases?

Secretary of State Hillary’s private email server is under constant investigation. Republicans suggest she should be indicted, but a federal criminal indictment is serious business, saved for serious crimes and hopefully based on serious evidence, which has yet, has not materialized.

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell and also Conodoleeza Rice, Republicans, both used private email servers. Powell’s emails have since been reclassified as have Hillary’s after leaving office.

I guess there is no way to analyze this email case without being accused of partisanship. Even the FBI Director James Conley, a Republican, will be under attack when that investigation is completed.

Both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, Republican presidential hopefuls, have promised that they will make her email server a central issue in their campaigns, and it is, and should be fair political game. But they both also have professed to seek prosecution of her if they win and that conflation of law and politics is the heart of the problem.

“Wrong” doesn’t necessarily mean “illegal” and in this case, that remains the critical distinction many seem to want to ignore.

Hillary has admitted it was wrong to have a private server. It was not illegal for her to have one at the time. I doubt she will be indicted. And many Republicans will be unhappy.


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