Trusting the Power of the People

Posted on June 6, 2016


Political parties are seldom beloved, but they keep the fires of politics burning when the people are busy with their lives. However, every two years the people decide who will lead them.

Normally they are concerned with raising the young, securing food and shelter, and pursuing happiness.

You and I might carry around ideas about how government ought to work and who would be a good person to be president. But putting together a national campaign requires money and manpower, which is where political parties come in.

There’s nothing in the U.S. Constitution about parties. But parties have persisted as a practical necessity.

Parties are rarely beloved. They engage in less-than-noble tactics, constant fundraising and constant attacks on rivals. Parties remain interested in politics when most people are not.

The latest Gallup survey shows only four in 10 adult Americans currently pay attention to politics.

Up to now what dominates the political scene is the capture of the Republican Party by a Manhattan businessman/showman, and the Democratic Party tug of war between an establishment candidate, former first lady, New York senator and diplomat, and an insurgent Vermont senator with a Millennial generation following.

For the Trump factor alone, this year’s race has already cinched a place in the history books. The Donald upset the wait-your-turn Republican old boys’ club. The Donald united the populist and nativist passions of people amid the torrent of insults, declarations and contradictions. He put his gilded Trump brand on the Grand Old Party, and Republicans are undergoing a much more surprising change.

Meanwhile Democrats are arguing over how far left of center the party should be. Bernie Sanders will not quit with his Independents and Millennials pushing him on even though Hillary Clinton has enough delegates going into the Democratic Convention to win the presidential nomination.

The choices for voters is not always ideal. More history will be made on November 8 when the voters will assemble to choose who will govern and history may be made when they elect a woman president.

Usually the voters choose wisely before returning to what they really want to do.

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