Political Change in the Works

Posted on June 22, 2016


Distrust in government is at a record high, resulting in voter turnout in many recent primaries that was higher than normal.

And for all this distrust of Washington and for all the anger in both Democratic and GOP campaigns about the “rigged system,” the result is two “outsiders” are presenting the image of a new kind of politician. Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump attract voters by making bold promises that draw marginalized voters to the polls, and many of these promises are unreasonable.

However, dialogue, fair debate and compromise are necessary elements for a just democracy that will serve all citizens well.

It is important, I think, not to conflate those qualities with the deadlock in Washington and the status quo.

The stifling hold of the two-party system, super delegates who can block the will of the electorate during nomination, and the undue influence of money in both campaigns and the failure of Congress to pass legislation are elements of the status quo that has led to burgeoning populist movements for Sanders and Trump, at both ends of the political spectrum.

Large numbers of Americans are demanding that the status quo must go.

If fair debate and compromise will deliver on moderate’s promise to compromise for the people’s best interest, extreme movements of Sanders and Trump will not be as attractive or seem so necessary.

Today, many voters are remembering that trust in government starts with trust in the responsibility to be a good citizen.

Remembering to study candidates and to vote is part of being a good citizen.

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