Millennials Face Problems

Posted on August 27, 2016


Call it socialism or whatever you want, but Sen. Bernie Sanders addresses the problems facing the millennials.

For generations the American dream has been neatly defined with imagery of a large house, big bank account, two kids and a white picket fence.

But that scene is shifting as millennials become the largest demographic in the workforce. Many live with their parents and cannot find jobs to pay for their college education.

With economic realities reshaping the idea of success, many millennials are searching for something more fulfilling than a traditional slice of the American pie.

The robust messaging on the importance of a college degree energized millennials to become the most educated generation in the nation’s history.

But there was no warning in the campus brochures and prestigious school rankings about the burdensome debt obligations many face even before crossing the stage at graduation.

Employment is another challenge, as the U.S. job market has proved to be rocky terrain for graduates. Older millennials had a hard time finding traditional corporate jobs in the mist of a historic recession and high unemployment.

Younger millennials are taking a different path, favoring social responsibility and career mobility, over long-term contracts and company benefits.

By the way, there is no longer the old time company loyalty to employees as in years past. Therefore millennials usually change jobs about every three years.

“Counting commas” on paychecks from Fortune 500 companies just doesn’t carry the same gravitas as it had for their parents.

Collectively millennials place greater value on human development, autonomy and opportunities to lead and innovate over cushier perks and bigger bank accounts.

Some might mourn the fleeting vision of the American dream as a national tragedy.

By refocusing our energies we can help the millennials in their pursuit of happiness for a more inclusive and dynamic journey for the next generation of American leaders.

Sen. Sanders is on tract, and the millennials are to be encouraged to keep active politically as they redefine the boundaries of America’s idealistic white picket fence.


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