Marijuana Problems in Colorado

Posted on September 15, 2016


In Colorado, the first state to start selling legal marijuana, an anti-pot rebellion has begun in Pueblo County and is spreading through the state.  In Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon signed a bill that prevents persons from going to jail for possession of marijuana. Also, a movement is underway to legalize marijuana in Missouri.

Other states will vote on legalization in November and these voters should take notice what is going on in Colorado. On Nov. 8, nine states will vote on whether or not to legalize marijuana, four for medical use and five for adult consumption. Three states and the District of Columbia have already legalized recreational use of the drug while 25 states allow medical marijuana.

In Pueblo County, the negative effects of a booming legal and illegal pot industry have upset so many residents that county commissioners voted unanimously last month for a ballot question in November that would ban the sale and growing of commercial marijuana. The petitioned measure cites rising crime as well as marijuana sales and growing operations near schools.

Hospitals have seen a sharp rise in marijuana-related admissions. And police are busier than ever busting operations that illegally sell marijuana in other states.

Colorado’s experience deserves the attention of  Missouri state senators and representatives and voters.


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