Election Holds International Consequences

Posted on September 29, 2016


Like it or not, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be our next president, and the US election will have international barring on how our nation is treated in the future.

People around the world are watching very intently what is taking place in the election. From Mexico City to Johannesburg, from Berlin to Beijing and Tokyo, Moscow o Kiev, citizens and their governments are watching the US presidential election with almost universal concern and alarm. America’s global influence means that its elections matter far beyond its borders, and this is more so in the 2016 election.

US allies and rivals alike have counted on Washington to underpin international order.

While Clinton is a well-known figure and widely regarded as a steady hand, few observers have any idea what is in store for their countries should Trump win the White House.

“If Clinton wins, people are reassured that it would be a slightly modified continuation of existing policies,” says Thorsten Benner, head of Global Public Policy Institute, a think tank in Berlin. “But with Trump there is just totally a randomness factor that is hard to prepare for.”

“It sems so incalculable,” he adds.

I read a number of European newspapers daily, and about every publication favors Hillary for president.

Most Europeans I talk to seem to think there is something amiss with Trump’s way of thinking. One of my German friends said, “I wish I could vote in the November 8 US election.”

US voters have more at stake in this election as there are international consequences and the result could affect our nation’s economic health.

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