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Trump’s Whopper

November 29, 2016


When you tell a whopper, it undermines the truth needed to govern. That’s what President-elect Donald Trump has done by claiming to have won the popular vote after discounting “the millions of people who voted illegally.” Trump offered no evidence for voter fraud, andĀ  by so baldly staking a demonstrably false claim, he risks damaging […]

Giving Means More, Not Less

November 22, 2016


We generally understand giving as giving away; taking something we have and giving it to another person or organization. Then we supposedly no longer have it, or we have less of it. But that’s a misleading sense of giving. Giving, from another view point, is opening thought to the infinite goodness that God is always […]

Protest for More Perfect Union

November 15, 2016


Along with majority of others, I did not vote for Donald Trump, but I accept that he will become the 45th president. The reason for my writing this blog is that I am concerned about many fellow Americans who want me to “get over it,” by unifying with them in supporting Trump. Some even suggest […]

Trump’s Honeymoon Will End

November 9, 2016


After the sensationalĀ  victory of Donald Trump may change, but the world will continue to turn. All the predictions of doom prior to the election will not become a reality. Even a populist like Trump will have to stick to the rules. Not only is America deeply divided, but is a nation where political party […]

Comey’s Action Has Consequences

November 3, 2016


FBI director James Comey’s announcement of reopening the Hillary Clinton e-mail investigation is either an intentional interference in the election process, or it’s a terrible lapse of judgment. If intentional, it’s a violation of established protocol and an egregious affront to voters and to our democracy. It may actually be a violation of the Hatch […]