Trump’s Honeymoon Will End

Posted on November 9, 2016


After the sensational  victory of Donald Trump may change, but the world will continue to turn.

All the predictions of doom prior to the election will not become a reality. Even a populist like Trump will have to stick to the rules.

Not only is America deeply divided, but is a nation where political party fortunes often change in two years.

The more facts are twisted, the more likely they are believed by a large part of voters. Every official fact check is suspicious. The news media is accused of being bias.

In the end Trump was more credible to the majority of Americans, despite all the racist and sexist statements. Also the allegations of law breaking by Hillary Clinton were damaging, they were never proven.

Trump’s victory was driven by rural America’s rage and turn away from the so-called establishment and globalization. Many people feel dependent and fear their future prospects for themselves and their children.

Trump plans are to end free trade, torpedo the climate protection agreement, turn back the clock on Obamacare, get more cash out of NATO countries, stop Muslims coming into America and build a high wall between the United States and Mexico. Many knowledgeable people doubt all this will happen.

This is the reason why the world will not end even if its future with Donald Trump becomes a little more predicable.

There is always another election.


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