Giving Means More, Not Less

Posted on November 22, 2016


We generally understand giving as giving away; taking something we have and giving it to another person or organization.

Then we supposedly no longer have it, or we have less of it.

But that’s a misleading sense of giving. Giving, from another view point, is opening thought to the infinite goodness that God is always providing.

Who is the real supplier of goodness? If it’s us, then if we give something we lose it. But because God is infinite good, and we are, in the words of the Bible, made in His image, our giving is actually an individual expression of the unlimited, infinite nature of divine goodness.

God’s love supplies us all. If we think of supply only in terms of what we have materially, we may struggle with a sense that goodness can fluctuate. We are human beings and sometimes fail in our understanding of goodness.

What God, divine Love, gives us is spiritual: limitless goodness, eternal life, absolute truth, perfect love. When we, in turn, share these Godlike qualities by expressing them in new and harmonious ways, we are blessed. Our blessings are multiplied.

When we cheerfully give, our heart is filled with joy and happiness. This Christmas season let us know that giving means more, not less.


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