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Health Care Train Wreck

December 28, 2016


With impending repeal of Obamacare, America is headed toward a public policy train wreck. Three seemingly unstoppable trends in America are on collision course: 1) the inventiveness of the promoters of medical technology; 2) health care insurers and providers’ excessive costs; and 3) the health care expectations of the American public. America is sleeping as […]

Populist Movement Spreads to America

December 19, 2016


America has got caught up in a historic populist 2016 movement that is reshaping the Western world. Political establishments are rattled though out the West. It all started with Britain voting to leave the European Union last June. Few political people believed that the Brexit vote would pass, but it did. In Germany Chancellor Angela […]

Turning Our Back on Migrants

December 13, 2016


At this Christmas time few of us realize that there are 65 million people fleeing to safety from wars in Syria and Iraq, and their destination nations have turned inhospitable. The migration crisis is shaking governments, and the backlash against refugees (Central Americans fleeing to U.S. cities and Syrians and others aiming for Europe and […]

Cleaner Coal Saves Power Plants

December 6, 2016


As the recent election¬† cycle demonstrated, one of the polarizing issues today is the debate over coal. Hillary Clinton favored renewable energy at the expense of the coal industry. Donald Trump has promised to launch a coal renaissance. This “either/or” debate overlooks a larger point that technological advances could eventually lead to coal and the […]