Cleaner Coal Saves Power Plants

Posted on December 6, 2016


As the recent election  cycle demonstrated, one of the polarizing issues today is the debate over coal.

Hillary Clinton favored renewable energy at the expense of the coal industry. Donald Trump has promised to launch a coal renaissance.

This “either/or” debate overlooks a larger point that technological advances could eventually lead to coal and the tens of thousands of jobs it supports while playing a key role in the clean-energy transformation of the 21st century. In fact, we need to use cleaner coal and also increase our use of wind and solar power.

Roughly 200 U.S. coal plants have closed in recent years. However, cleaner coal should keep Ameren Missouri Labadie plant operating for years to come. This is good news for Franklin County.

Germany has closed all its nuclear plants and gone to wind and solar power. We need to continue moving in that direction.

Nuclear plants produce waste that is almost impossible to dispose of, and it fills caves and is buried in the ground. Nuclear waste could get into our underground water.

We must keep working on clean-energy to insure good health for us and future generations.

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