Turning Our Back on Migrants

Posted on December 13, 2016


At this Christmas time few of us realize that there are 65 million people fleeing to safety from wars in Syria and Iraq, and their destination nations have turned inhospitable.

The migration crisis is shaking governments, and the backlash against refugees (Central Americans fleeing to U.S. cities and Syrians and others aiming for Europe and North America) increasingly impedes their search for safety. Many women and children from Central America are fleeing persecution by gangs.

President elect Donald Trump wants to build a wall to keep Central Americans from coming into the U.S. He wants to stop Muslims from entering the U.S. and this includes Syrians. Trump vowed he will register Muslims in the U.S. and bar resettlement of more refugees in America

Europe has shut down to a trickle migrants entering those nations. Germany is sending migrants (Those who break the laws or fail to learn the language) by the thousands back to their point of origin.

In our world, people have been migrating since before nations were formed. So what does it mean now if the world’s neediest people cannot find safe space to resettle?

There are rising security worries because of terrorist bombings and killings in the U.S. and Europe.

At this time we need a spirit of humanity. Too many people turn their backs on migrants even though we are a nation of migrants because somewhere in our families, there are members who settled in this nation. Migrants have made this nation great.

We need a new system for humanity and not shut the door on migrants.

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