Populist Movement Spreads to America

Posted on December 19, 2016


America has got caught up in a historic populist 2016 movement that is reshaping the Western world. Political establishments are rattled though out the West.

It all started with Britain voting to leave the European Union last June. Few political people believed that the Brexit vote would pass, but it did.

In Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel is under attack for allowing over one million migrants enter the county in 2015. A new political party AFD (Alternative for Deutschland) was formed and it adopted an anti-Islamic manifesto. The new party sharply gained seats in elections held in three German states this year. Merkel is up for reelection in the fall 2017.

The founding document of European integration, the Treaty of Rome, is celebrating its 60th anniversary next year.

Sadly it may be its last one. The real problem is how shaky European institutions are. While its popularity is even higher then that of the U.S. Congress, its legitimacy is constantly challenged. And the pressure is mounting.

Europe does not need to have Marine le Pen elected French president for the euro to crumble.

In America the same populist forces and a lack of honest discussion got Donald Trump elected, and the movement is continuing to grow in Europe. Trump had never held an elected office before running for president.

Dismissing the populist movement, as most American newspapers did, was a grave mistake. It will not only get populists elected, this movement can bring America and Europe to its knees.

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