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Attack on American Values

January 31, 2017


Open Letter to My Friends in Germany, France and Hungry Donald Trump is an embarrassment to our nation and myself because of his foolish executive order barring refugees and others from our land. I apologize along with many demonstrators for the global harm our president has done with a cowardly and foolish stroke of his […]

Populism Soon Fades

January 23, 2017


It’s easy and popular to describe humanity’s journey¬† by concentrating on the great and powerful. However, the more realistic view of history is that these leaders are surfers, riding the waves that were already rising when they came along to power. The wave that current leaders, most notably the 45th president of the United States, […]

Obamacare Republican Problem

January 19, 2017


Republicans are in the majority and got what they asked for, the opportunity to repeal Obamacare. For over seven years Republican congressmen have failed to give any good reason why the Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare) needs to be repealed. The reasons they provide fail to explain why repeal is appropriate, rather than targeted fixes. […]

Phony Patriots

January 10, 2017


When did many of the Republican Party members become ex-patriots? Where is the party of Lincoln and Reagan? Their incoming leader publicly has more respect and regard for Vladmir Putin former head of KGB, than for our own president. Trump refuses to acknowledge Russia’s hacking in the presidential election. He holds the word of Putin, […]

Newspapers Important to Democracy

January 3, 2017


We must respond to president-elect Donald Trump’s attacks on mainstream newspapers, and his dislike of press conferences because he does not like to be questioned.¬† However, he conveys his messages on Twitter. Newspapers have an ability to check facts that social media does not. In my view, newspapers, and all the mainstream media, have an […]