Attack on American Values

Posted on January 31, 2017


Open Letter to My Friends in Germany, France and Hungry

Donald Trump is an embarrassment to our nation and myself because of his foolish executive order barring refugees and others from our land.

I apologize along with many demonstrators for the global harm our president has done with a cowardly and foolish stroke of his pin. I urge you to consider the resulting outrage from our citizens as you reevaluate our nation’s reputation as a beacon for democracy.

Many of you have experienced the resulting tumult. Families fleeing violence, who had already worked through the proper channels for 18 to 24 months to escape to America, but now are being locked out. Students on their way  back to the states are being denied reentry, their visas cancelled. Established professionals with legal status to live here either blocked or delayed.

This action fulfills Trump’s campaign pledge and attack on Muslims. He says it is meant to satisfy legitimate fears about terrorism. But, most Americans do not fear terrorism.

Trump’s slipshod order, formed by former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and his lawyers, is an attack on American values. It strikes me as being neither American nor Christian.

America is a better place than this. Take comfort in the fact, then, that many of us recoil at this latest example of Trump’s overreach.

Remedies will be taken by possibly the Congress, but for sure in our federal courts to correct this attack on American values.


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