Immigration Dreamers in Limbo

Posted on February 7, 2017


For decades Congress has stalled on dealing with immigration and Hispanics crossing our southern border and awful things have happened to good people. The fact of the matter is we need the skills and knowledge of these people in our workforce.

By now, everyone in America has heard about our broken immigration system and the crises for comprehensive reform. Former President Barack Obama issued an executive order to help young adults brought to this country as children without proper documents. His order offered protection from deportation. The young people have become known as Dreamers as they seek a college education and better life in America.

Almost 16 years ago the Dream Act was introduced in Congress, and this act would have given these young people legal status and a route to citizenship. Also, it would protect their parents from being deported. It did not pass.

Recently, the Bridge Act was introduced in Congress but it does not provide a path to citizenship for the Dreamers, and it does not include protection for the parents.

Now the fear is that President Donald Trump will rescind the Obama order that protects them from deportation, and Trump will issue his own order for deportation.

All the Dreamers ask is that America does not give up on them, and they won’t give up on the U.S.

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