Democrats to Capture Populist Movement

Posted on February 27, 2017


We will remember 2016 not only for the return of populism throughout the Western world, but also for the blindness of those who could not see the difference between right-wing and left-wing populism

The rise of both kinds of populism is the result of the long-term failure of neo-liberal policies.

The problem today goes deeper than the victory of right-wing populism of President Trump and the United Kingdom’s Independence party leader Nigel Farage, though the nature of their regimes are troubling. The right-wing populism in America  began with the Tea Party movement sometime ago.

Left-wing populism of U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, an independent, is live and well as indicated by continued demonstrations and marches throughout the United States.

The Democratic party is making a move to include grassroots activists, millennials, and independents into the party. Last week Tom  Perez, first Latino to lead the Democratic party, was elected Democratic National Chairman. He appointed Keith Ellison as his deputy chairman.

Perez is former labor secretary under President Obama. Ellison is a Muslim, congressman and Sanders supporter.

The two will try to bring the establishment, left-wing populist movement, millennials, and grassroots activists together in the Democratic party along with appealing to Independent voters.

The effort is being made to win back the House of Representatives and Senate along with many state offices throughout America in 2018.

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